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Customization and adaptation

If Your company needs to extend the functional of the standard solution (special reports, documents are required, You use unique schemes for accounting organization  etc.), our specialists are ready to carry on configuration (customization) adaptation works with its further adoption, which involve:

  • detailed research for the purpose of determining the degree of demand of customization (clarifying how should work this or that objects of program, description of new directories, documents, reports, wiring scheme)
  • formation of the problem description and the list of works (technical work) in accordance with the data received from the detailed research, assessment of terms and cost of these works
  • coding and testing - configuration of program and obligatory testing of the new system funcionality and productivity
  • adoption – system commissioning (determination of order of the users’ transition to the new system, initial data transfer, system testing with real data)
  • execution of the «User's guide» on the work with the adapted system, which involves description of amendments in the program and working manner with it.

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